Composite fillings

Treating teeth with cavities or broken requires the use of filling. The amalgam restorations are very apparent and contains mercury and metal. Therefore at Dentistes sur Drummond we use composite fillings (tooth colored)


A veneer is a thin shell that is permanently affixed to the visible surface of front teeth.
Made of resin, ceramic or porcelain, it is used to hide some cosmetic defects, like a discoloured, misaligned or misshapen tooth. It can also be used to cover and reinforce a broken, cracked or chipped tooth.

Which material to choose?

Composite resin

This type of veneer is made up of consecutive layers of composite resin that perfectly match your teeth’s natural colour. Each layer is hardened using a special light, with the final layer being polished and moulded for a soft, beautiful-looking appearance.

Ceramic and porcelain

With this type of veneer, a temporary restoration is needed while the permanent one is being made in the lab. Thus, a minimum of two appointments is needed. Once the permanent restoration is ready, it’s installed and secured using resin-based dental cement.

Advantages of this restoration

In addition to giving you back self-esteem and confidence, veneers also:

  • Are resistant to food stains and cavities
  • Are solid
  • Require less prepping than crowns


Teeth whitening has become increasingly popular. A healthy, bright smile is synonymous with health and self-confidence. Because this treatment slightly alters the surface of teeth, professional assistance is advised.

Whitening options

Before starting the procedure, the dentist will assess your teeth to determine their colour and check their responsiveness to the treatment. Then, two whitening options are proposed: in-clinic or at-home whitening.

In-clinic whitening

The procedure, which lasts about 90 minutes, is supervised by a qualified dental hygienist. A hydrogen peroxide- or urea-based whitening gel is alternately applied to teeth. This treatment offers immediate results and might need two appointments.

At-home whitening

At-home whitening requires trays that are custom made using your dental impressions. Simply apply the prescribed amount of whitening gel to the trays and wear them as recommended by your dentist. This treatment takes about two weeks for best results.


Both treatment options offer quick, durable results. Good oral hygiene and a healthy lifestyle also help teeth whitening treatments last longer. Touch-ups can be done as needed.

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