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Dentistes Sur Drummond combines the latest dentistry techniques and state-of-the-art technological innovations to offer complete, personalized services.

We offer a full range of dental care for beautiful, healthy smiles that reflect confidence and health.

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Check-ups and cleanings

Regular check-ups enable the dentist to prevent dental problems, evaluate your oral health and propose treatment plans when needed.

The hygienist performs a thorough cleaning, removing plaque, tartar and stains from the surface of your teeth.


Crown, onlays, bridge

A prosthetic crown can restore a heavily-damaged tooth to prevent further damage. It improves the appearance of the tooth while maintaining its functions.


Composite restorations, venners, whitening

Treating teeth with cavities or broken requires the use of filling. The amalgam restorations are very apparent and contains mercury and metal. Therefore at Dentistes sur Drummond we use composite fillings (tooth colored)


Wisdom teeth and extraction

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, usually come in at the end of adolescence or by one’s mid-twenties. They sometimes come in later, or not at all.


Jaw disorders

Several dental problems can be directly linked to the jaw and are called “jaw disorders”. After a thorough examination, Dentistes sur Drummond team will propose personalized solutions to help alleviate your discomfort.


Root canal

Endodontics focuses on the morphology of teeth, as well as on the physiology and pathology of the dental pulp and periradicular tissues. This field of expertise is mainly concerned with preserving teeth that were affected by an infection, while ensuring they remain functional.



CEREC is state-of-the-art German technology developed some 30 years ago. Meaning Chairside Economical Restauration of Esthetic Ceramic, this technology has revolutionized how dental restorations are performed.

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